“Thank you for your collaboration, after you staged the house we received multiple offers within two weeks. At two other homes that we had listed for a few months, we received offers immediately after you staged them. Thank you so much!”

— Joya Machabee, Machabee Real Estate Team

“During my open house, guests were saying it looks so much better than it did in the photographs! They loved the way it was staged and often asked who the designer was.”

Gabriella Madraso, Chase International Real Estate


Henry and Beth.png

“Thank you Angila!!!  We were so impressed with your staging of our home in preparation for sale.  Your organization skills and attention to detail were very appreciated as you quickly and efficiently "de-cluttered" the house, balancing our furnishings with your own accessories to create a clean, pleasing and attractive presentation.  Your particular talent for balancing color, form and layout transformed each room. Furthermore, it garnered multiple compliments from prospective buyers.  We are convinced your efforts helped to speed the sale of the house and enabled us to receive multiple offers.  We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.”

— Beth and Henry Frazier, Reno, NV